How to Preserve the Value of Your Collectibles

When it comes to a collectible item, condition is everything. Even slight variances in condition can drop the value of an item dramatically. Collectible items unopened in original packaging can command premium prices, but open or damage the packaging in anyway and the value will instantly lower.

I been to a number of estate sales and auctions where stickers have been put on collectibles, both in and out of the packaging, in way that devalues an item. So when selling a collectible item, think carefully about where to place any stickers, tape, or adhesive.

Here are a few tips that I’ve learned over the years:

  • Make sure items are stored in a cool, dry place. Consider using a moisture absorbing product to prevent humidity from affecting the items condition.
  • Store paper items like comic books and baseball card in archival quality sleeves with acid free backing. The same should be considered when framing prints and posters. Make sure the framer uses and acid backing and a UV blocking plexglass front.
  • If you have coins in a stapled 2×2, make sure the staples are flat against the 2×2, so you reduce the chance of scratching other coins stored in a 2×2. Better still, use self adhesive 2×2 or polyethylene flips. Never store your coins in a poly vinyl flips, it will eventually cause PVC damage to your coins.
  • Use cotton gloves when handling coins or paper collectibles.
  • A sturdy display case will keep breakables safe and dust free.
  • If you own art, consider the temperature and exposure to the sun. I have a friend who owns a very nice and expensive painting that is hung in a warm, humid room. This could cause mold or, peeling of the paint.