The Ridiculousness of Craigslist Sellers

Of course not all sellers on Craigslist fall into this category, but there’s more than a few who are just on the edge of being con artists. Full disclosure; I use Craigslist looking to buy specific items. Right now, I’m looking to buy Hard Rock Cafe pins. So I decided to see what was for sale in the collectibles category.

Someone is selling some Star Wars collectibles. Nothing special, it was just some modern stuff. Giant Pez dispensers, some kind of Millennium Falcon electronic game, and few other pieces, all new in the box. The Pez dispensers look to sell for $18 on eBay and game sells for $25. This seller had the dispensers priced at $18 and the game at $50.

The next seller has an 1895-S Morgan in VG8 in an ICG slab listed at $580, which can normally be bought in the $300-$350 ballpark.

Then there’s the seller offering wildly over priced and badly photographed autographs. Listing, after listing, after listing of badly photographed, over priced autographs.

Finally, I saw a Nixon bronze inauguration medal that sells between $10-$15 was listed by a seller for $40. And it just goes on like this.

Seriously folks, unless you think your customers are just marks, why not get an online or physical store and sell at retail or better. Oh, and take clear photos.

All sellers have the right to ask what they want, but when they do it on Craigslist, at double retail, how much respect for the buyer do they really have?